From the Bay to Boise

For an environmentally safe insecticide boil five or six chopped garlic cloves in a gallon of water until soft. Add one tablespoon of biodegradable detergent and let sit for a day before spraying on plants.

A spray bottle of two parts vinegar and one part water is good for getting rid of slugs on your garden plants.

For indoor and outdoor plants clay pots are better than plastic. Clay pots allow the plants to breathe and are cooler for the plant roots.

When you change the water in your aquarium save it to use on your houseplants. They will love it!

A paste of baking soda and water will remove most stains from your plastic garden furniture.

When planting flowers, first scrape a bar of soap across your fingernails to keep them from getting soil stained.

Sprinkling pepper in the garden will repel cats and other critters from digging or lying on your plants.

You’re more likely to kill your houseplants by over-watering than under-watering. Once a week is sufficient for most houseplants.

Brown edges on your indoor plant leaves may mean not enough humidity. You can water them until they die but if the air is too dry (especially with the heat on in the winter) watering the roots won’t fix the problem. If you don’t want to buy a humidifier, place your potted plants on top of a large plate of fine gravel. Keep the gravel plate filled with water, which will evaporate and create moist air around the plants.

Got ants in your pants? Get even by sprinkling some uncooked grits on the ant hill. The nasty little brutes will chow down, then swell up and die…revenge!

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